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“I wanted to write an album comprising the sort of music that I listen to…. music that takes you somewhere- on a journey into a vibe”
Gifted singer /songwriter/ producer Robby X has cracked the iTunes top 30 pop album chart with the release of her debut album “OBSESSION“.

“I wanted the songs on Obsessionto take people on a journey” says Robby..”There are various themes about life and love and some of the songs are quite sexy and sensual. I’ve co-written two tracks, “Dirty Mind” and “Just Another Night” with Ciaran Gribbin who has collaborated with Snow Patrol and Paul McCartney and also wrote the number one hit “Celebration” for Madonna. I was also fortunate enough to work with award winning songwriter and producer Lindsay Rimes, which was magic.”

In what can only be described as a dream start for a debut artist, Robby has signed a deal with Universal Music Australia (UMA), who will be supporting the album in stores and on radio.

“It’s just wonderful that these new songs now have an opportunity to find their way out to a wider audience. When I think about how it all started, sitting at the piano, feeling that first burst of inspiration, I feel very grateful to have the album finished at last along with the support of a major record label .”

Robby X who is an ambassador for The McGrath Foundation will be donating royalties from the sale of the first single, “Never Wanna Let You Go” to assist the foundations fundraising effort. Robby said, “The song is all about that ray of hope that shines through tough times when you realise you’re not alone, that there’s someone there for you. I’m a great admirer of the McGrath Foundation and the very special work they do in supporting women with breast cancer. I’m really glad to see royalties from the sale of the song going to such an important and worthy cause.”

The making of her debut album “Obsession” has been a labour of love for Robby but not always an easy road.

“There have been times when I’ve thought … ‘this is just too hard and maybe I should just throw it in but something deep inside kept me coming back to the music. It’s quite a passionate and spiritual experience writing songs. One of my tracks, “The Thief” is based on the poetry by 13th century philosopher Rumi, another song “Close To Me” was written after the passing of my Grandpa who was one of my greatest inspirations.”

While OBSESSION may be her first solo undertaking, Robby is no newcomer to the industry. A graduate of the Conservatorium of Music, she has served her apprenticeship well recording thousands of voice overs and jingles for some of Australia’s leading brands.

She has also supported her husband, Lee Kernaghan, as he built a reputation as one of Australia’s most successful and popular country artists.

“I’ve been working with Lee on his albums for years now, singing and recording backing vocals, co-writing songs, shooting the cover photography for many of his albums and we even had a number 1 hit with our duet version of “Fire”.

Now it is Lee’s turn to support Robby as she makes the transition from back-up singer to headline act.

“When it came time to make my own record I knew I’d have to put my heart out there, take a leap of faith and record the kind of music that had been incubating inside of me, waiting to be born” Robby admits. “I wanted to write an album comprising the sort of music that I listen to…. music that takes you somewhere- on a journey into a vibe…..there’s music to seduce to, dance, drink or just to chill to.”

“One of my favourite places in the world outside of Australia is the South of France. I remember laying on the beach, glass of pink Rosè in my hand, soaking up the sun and ambience of the cool DJ mix playing in the background.. and it got me thinking ` what if I created some cocktails to match the style of the songs on my album’.

Upon arriving home Robby sent some specially selected tracks from Obsession to Australian champion mixologist Christian Blair who added his expertise to the project and designed some cocktails that have added another sensory element to the mix.

“Songs, after all, are a cocktail of music, lyric and emotion” says Robby. I’ve always thought the best songs are the ones that you not only hear but feel too.” The result is a Dirty Mind (martini) a Sexy, an Obsession (champagne cocktail), a Like Chocolate and a Bad Boy. We had a lot of fun sampling and honing these drinks so that they are a perfect match for the vibe of each song”

“I think in many ways songwriters are alchemists, turning a blank page into something tangible and it’s a very personal thing. You get the chance to create something that comes from deep inside you and sometimes tap into that special something out there that comes from a higher source.”

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